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The Small Grants Scheme

At the beginning of 2017/18 Rugby Union season the Exeter Chiefs Supporters Club introduced a ‘Small Grants Scheme’ to support our aim of providing financial and practical support to deserving causes connected to the sport of Rugby Union and especially to Youth Development. 

Details of this scheme and how to apply are set out below.

In the first year of it’s introduction we received ten applications for grants. Of these ten, six were successful, two deferred to a later date due to possible Insurance claims, and two refused by the committee as not being within our remit.

Click here to see our succesful applications.

Grants - How to apply

  • normally limited to £500 and matched funding will be considered favourably

  • cannot be spent on day to day running expenses

  • must be for a specific item(s)/ activity

  • Successful applications

  • will describe what the grant will be spent on

  • why this is important and how it will assist in developing youth rugby

  • why your application is special and most deserving of ECSC funding

  • how you would acknowledge funding by ECSC if you are successful

Applications should be no more than one side of A4 and should be sent to the ECSC
Secretary. Applications will be judged by members of the ECSC Committee ( usually within
six weeks) and their decision will be final.

Applications can be emailed to the Hon. Sec. at

Or by post to:   Paul Curgenven, 17 Cobley Court, Exeter, EX4 8GB

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