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More About Us   -    And Our Suggestion Box  (Below)

Since those days there has been a huge increase in the number of fans attending sell out games against the top clubs in the country and from abroad.

We are social animals. We get very excited (and very anxious) watching our team. We enjoy the joys of victory and we feel the pain of defeat. But along with all this we enjoy the companionship and the lively talk with those people who share our passion for the game.


The formation of the Supporters Club was formed to extend our friendship beyond the match day and get together for activities that we enjoy. This was already happening as small groups of rugby mates got together for a meal, a fishing trip, a drink, or whatever but it was difficult for newcomers to join in. The Supporters Club formed  to encourage this and raise funds to support our team and other good causes.


So….. we get together as a committee once a month and plan for regular events and activities.

Along the way we raise funds through membership, draws etc. It became clear that there was a real need in the game to support the roots of the sport. Our aims are now very clear. We want to support the future of our game – youth rugby.

So, we have fun…. We help with providing travel information and companionship when the Chiefs play away. We organise quizzes, bingo nights, meals, wine tasting, treasure hunts, educational visits and the like.  We raise funds whilst keeping costs to a minimum, and we use the money to help those offering youth rugby or developing young players throughout Devon and Cornwall.


We are very open to suggestions and ideas for new events and activities so please feel free to send us your ideas, whatever they are. Below is a simple form, a suggestion box if you will (which is anonymous unless you choose to add your name or contact details). Obviously, some things will be beyond our capability as we are just a group of busy volunteers, but if you want to help us then fantastic!

Keep in mind that we strive to keep things affordable, demonstrated by our low £10 annual membership fee.


Also, let us know if you know of any local businesses, restaurants, pubs or leisure facilities who would be happy to offer a discount to our members. We would love to add them to this web site.


Enjoy your rugby!


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