Members Exclusive Discounts

Your committee are delighted to be able to tell you about a fantastic new set of savings for Supporters Club Members.

Members will need to be logged in to access. Members, if they have not already done so, will need to register to set up a username (email) and password. Registereing is easy!

Only Members will be authorised, and once authorised logging in will give you full access to the “Members Only” pages enabling them to book places on upcoming events and take advantage of the new savings on offer.

These new exclusive discounts make your membership fantastic value for money. For example, discounts for outdoor clothing, skiing equipment, bicycles and biking accessories, for those who like to run and even airport parking , where if at any of these outlets you spend just £40 on line or in store and you will save the cost of your membership. At Diamond Airport Parking you will only need to spend £30 to get the cost of your membership back.

This is just for starters. Many more great deals will be available in the New Year. If you haven’t done so already, Register and Log in to see the full details and tell your friends who are not members of the Supporters Club of this new, great reason to join.

Click Here to for our discount Page with access to our new Exclusive Discounts

These Discount Codes are exclusive to Supporters Club Members, so please keep them confidential otherwise we may lose the benefit.

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