2021 Events... So Far

2021 has been a difficult one but we are delighted to be able to post some pictures from two events that have gone ahead... AT LAST!

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Our Pebblebed event was a huge success!

We got to taste 5 wines that are made just 2 miles down the road in Topsham and the food was fantastic. Cheese, meats, bread, olives and then the pizza, it was certainly worth the £25 for the tasting menu.

Highly recommend If you haven’t yet been.

And our Golf Day at Woodbury Park never fails to raise significant funds for youth rugby. This years event was held in warm sunshine and a light breeze.

Well done to our organiser, David Brown and thanks to Joe Simmonds and Stu Townsend who attended the dinner and held a Q&A session. We wish them well for the upcoming season.

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